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We Are the one's Who go bump in the night..
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Saturday, February 19th, 2005
12:59 am
As more free time allows, I think we should get this house crackilating... there's been a decided lack of time to hang out and as a group I think we should do more, even if it's just talking on this board.
Monday, December 29th, 2003
8:31 pm
Haven Trip tomorrow?
Yo? Are people heading to haven? What are gonna be arrangements? Lemme know. Oh. and as per "What's next?" I wanna start planning a few things. A full court would be my dream, with officers and such. So i'd like to work toward that. Any Suggestions?


Current Mood: anxious
Sunday, December 28th, 2003
5:32 pm
Well now Shan, we're here. What's next?
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